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Queen Regina, Storm's mother

Queen Regina
Prince Storm's mother, and Queen of Hell*
Also the mother of Prince Redd and Prince Thunder.

There is no King of Hell as Queen Regina killed and ate him. She is sometimes called "The Shadow Queen" as she is rarely seen in public. She is content to sit back and be entertained by her sons' intrigues.

*Hell is officially called Grand Hell to distinguish the country from its minor states.
Captain Olympus, Storm's father

Captain Olympus
Prince Storm's father,
and captain of the Angeles Royale (or Freedom Angels Royal Guard)

No one knows for sure how Queen Regina and Captain Olympus met. Some people say she raped him, though you don't want to be saying that in front of the captain who is as mysterious as the secret military agency he leads.
Rain, Prince of Heaven

Prince of Heaven

His eyes are rarely seen as he views the world with his heart. This may be the reason why he often seems cruel and sarcastic. Behind his back they say he's really one of the Princes of Hell. His full name is Rainbow, but don't ever use it because he hates it.
Storm, youngest Prince of Hell

Prince of Hell (youngest son)

Always smiling. You want to hurt him. He's had an unrequited crush on Rain since they were kids and hasn't seen him since then. Because of his half-angel blood and dual citizenship (Heaven and Hell)—which only a handful of people know about— Storm was raised like a commoner outside the royal palace of Hell and rarely sees his mother or brothers. He has never met his actual father as an adult and thinks his father is the same as his siblings, and they likewise.
Thunder, middle Prince of Hell

Prince of Hell (middle son)

A good diplomat who is one of the few people his oldest brother Prince Redd respects and hasn't tried to kill. He rules Hell-of-a-1000-Deaths, a powerful state within Grand Hell, and his lover is Aries, the God of War. Thunder tries to protect Storm from their brother Prince Redd.
Redd, eldest Prince of Hell

Prince of Hell (eldest son)

Everyone predicts he will be the next ruler of Hell and that even now he plots the death of the queen. He presently rules Hell-of-the-World's-Sorrows (aka Hell-of-Sorrow) and was responsible for burning down the city of Darkvine in order to find and kill his brother Storm.
Spyder, Prince

Prince of Spyders

He is of a nocturnal race of beings who inhabited the land long before there was a Grand Heaven and Grand Hell. The Spyders are thought to be cannibals. They wrap their victims in cocoons of their living hair.
Tombo, Prince

Dragonfly Prince
Wolfie, Prince Storm's wolf bodyguard

Wolfie, Prince Storm's wolf servant

Prince Storm's wolf bodyguard

His age is unknown. He has been
with Storm as his protector since
the prince was a baby. "Wolfie" was
Storm's childhood nickname for
him, and his actual name has been
long forgotten by everyone.
Grayson, Prince Storm's bat servant

Grayson, Prince Storm's bat servant

Prince Storm's bat servant

He is Wolfie's apprentice and has
been with Storm as long as Wolfie.
The above pic is of him when he
was a few years younger, since
he now has chest hair.
Aries, God of War

Aries, God of War

God of War
Prince Storm's friend

He grew up with Storm in Darkvine,
and he is Prince Thunder's lover.

Grayson's childhood friend

He works for Prince Thunder.
Teddy, Prince Storm's teddy bear servant

Teddy, Prince Storm's teddy bear servant

Prince Storm's teddy bear servant
Silver, Prince Storm's mirror servant

Prince Storm's mirror servant
Eye-in-the-Bed, Prince Storm's bed servant

Prince Storm's bed servant
Trance, Prince Redd's assassin and magician

Trance, Prince Redd's assassin and magician

Prince Redd's assassin and magician

He lost his eye when Prince Redd
slashed his face after learning
Trance failed to kill Prince Storm.
Bolt, Trance's younger brother

Trance's younger brother
Nomad, a soldier in Prince Redd's army

a soldier in Prince Redd's army

It's a job.
Ocho, Redd's pet octopus

Redd's pet octopus
The neutral territory between Grand Heaven and Grand Hell
Sean and Thomas, shieldmakers

Sean and Thomas

They used to have separate
businesses but decided to merge
them. Sean's strength is designing
shields, and Thomas's strength is
making them from Sean's designs.
Sandemon, spirit citizen

a spirit citizen

Member of a long-lived race that
spends most of its time sleeping
and lives in a symbiotic relationship
with the earth. They materialize
periodically to see what's going on.
sky draggen

sky draggen

The sky draggens eventually
aligned themselves with Storm.

a mercenary

Knows Halloween
as a friend and enemy.
Halloween the mercenary

a mercenary

Knows Nomad and Rain.
Lakan the Black Wolf

the Black Wolf

He lost his pack at a young age due
to war and never learned to speak.